Shell Development Oman Educational Programme “NXplorers” Benefits Students and Teachers

Muscat, December 3, 2018 –  As part of the “Solar into Schools” initiative, Shell Development Oman recently launched NXplorers, a global Shell educational programme, in schools across Oman.

The company worked together with the Ministry of Education and Engineering Village, a local SME, to implement the curricula in 10 current and future solar schools. The carefully developed programme has already benefited around 600 students, and has equipped 20 science teachers and career advisors with the necessary information and methods to nurture the development of Omani youth.

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Horizon Kids International Nursery at Al Mouj Muscat Provides Unique Nurturing Environment for Children

Nursery creates a ‘home away from home’ learning environment with qualified practitioners that provide stimulating and exciting activities

Muscat, October 15, 2018 – As part of its efforts to provide the best possible experiences to the community, Al Mouj Muscat, Oman’s leading Integrated Tourism Complex, has worked with Horizon Kids International Nursery (HKIN) to welcome new children back to school. In its new term, HKIN will continue offering a multi-cultural educational environment.

Horizon Kids International Nursery
Horizon Kids International Nursery

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Oman’s First Little Free Libraries Book Exchange at Al Mouj Muscat

For the Love of Books

MUSCAT, OMAN, September 19, 2018 –  For many of us, our fondest childhood memories involve curling up in bed with our much-loved storybook or having our parents treat us to a fairy tale bedtime story. Time spent with friends would often have consisted of sharing tales about the adventures of our favourite fictional characters and we all remember getting dressed up as our literary heroes for World Book Day at school. While a passion for reading may be cultivated during our early years, it often continues and strengthens into adulthood where a good book can offer a few valuable minutes of escapism or enlightenment in an otherwise stressful day.

Little Free Libraries book exchange at Al Mouj Muscat
Little Free Libraries Book Exchange at Al Mouj Muscat

As a first of its kind initiative to be introduced in Oman, Al Mouj Muscat is proud to be part of the worldwide Little Free Library programme that aims to inspire the love of reading for people of all ages and backgrounds and to connect people in their neighbourhoods. Through this non-profit worldwide movement, across the world millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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United Private International School, MyEduzone Group, Muscat , Oman (video in Arabic)

United Private International Schooll is part of MyEduzone Group focus in providing Primary Education. United Private International School is a revolutionary concept in children education. Our education system aims to help our students discover their talents, realize their potential, and develop a passion for learning that lasts through life. In addition, our programmes focus on the application and transfer of knowledge, developing speaking and communication skills and promoting leadership and personality development.

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Royal Opera House Muscat – Muscat, Oman (video)

Royal Opera House Muscat is the leading arts and culture organization in the Sultanate of Oman. Located in Muscat, Oman, the vision of the Opera House is to serve as a centre of excellence in global cultural engagement.

The multidisciplinary work of Royal Opera House Muscat showcases rich and diverse artistic creations from Oman, the region, and the world; provides a space for culture and socioeconomic development reflections and actions; inspires audiences and nurtures creativity with innovative programs; fosters cultural vitality and unleashes talent; promotes cultural tourism; and puts cultural diplomacy into practice by reinvigorating global and multi-disciplinary collaborations and exchanges.